Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning is at the core of our process at TRICORD. By looking at each case from a high level and drilling down to the granular level we are able to provide the type of timely, personalized recommendations and implementations that our clients have come to expect. TRICORD uses the latest in financial planning software technology, combined with the wisdom of 30 years of planning to provide:

Retirement Planning
TRICORDs’ Macro to Micro approach allows us to take our clients specific needs into consideration and plan for the type of retirement that our clients dream of and deserve.
Education Planning
At TRICORD Advisors, Inc. we believe planning for education is more than just setting money aside, it is holistically looking at our clients financial lives and providing solutions that best reflect their goals and desires.
Estate Planning
TRICORD assists the client in assessing and developing long-term strategies, including as appropriate, living trusts, wills, review estate tax, powers of attorney, asset protection plans, nursing homes, Medicaid and elder law.
Insurance Planning
At TRICORD Advisors, Inc. we review existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home and automobile.
At TRICORD Advisors, Inc. we understand that investment planning is a crucial part of an overall Financial Plan, and our team of Advisors use the latest technology to ensure the portfolios perform as planned.
Tax Planning
At TRICORD our planners work hard to understand your tax situation and will work with your tax professional or recommend one that meets our stringent standards. Together your financial success is our highest priority.

Legacy Planning

TRICORD Legacy Planning services expound on the Comprehensive Financial Planning services our clients use and allow our clients to carry out their future plans as they see fit.

Estate Planning
TRICORD planners evaluate the features and benefits available for clients Estate Planning needs and advise on the selection of attorneys.
Trust Advisor
As Trust Advisor, TRICORD Advisors, Inc. works closely with the Trustee, providing communication to the beneficiary(ies). The Trust Advisor can provide accounting assistance, care provider interface, and special need requirement oversight. The Trust Advisor will generally assist and equip the Trustee in their role.
Trustee Services
As Trustee, TRICORD Advisors, Inc. will get acquainted with the beneficiary(ies), become aware of special requirements of beneficiary(ies), note special provisions within the trust, and analyze the trust assets. TRICORD Advisors, Inc. would have administrative functions such as, but not limited to, investments, preparation for taxes, and distribution of assets. TRICORD Advisors, Inc. will not act as a Trustee without the oversight of a Trust Advisor which is normally an attorney.

Investment Management

TRICORD Advisors, Inc. provides continuous advice to clients regarding the investment of their assets based on their individual needs. TRICORD Advisors, Inc. develops a client’s personal investment policy through personal discussions, in which goals and objectives are evaluated based on a client’s particular circumstances. TRICORD Advisors, Inc. then creates and manages a portfolio based on that policy. During our data-gathering process, we determine the client’s individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. As appropriate, TRICORD Advisors, Inc. also reviews and discusses a client’s prior investment history, as well as family composition, and background.

Consulting Services

Clients can also receive investment advice on a more focused basis. This may include advice on only an isolated area(s) of concern such as estate planning, retirement planning, or any other specific topic. We also provide specific consultation and administrative services regarding investment and financial concerns of the client including Trustee services and Trust Advisory services.

Business planning
Running a business can often be a full time job, added on top of the primary business our clients have. TRICORD planners understand that and provide counsel to the business owner allowing them to focus on their primary business objective.
Retirement Plans
TRICORD planners are well schooled in the retirement plans available to businesses of all types and sizes and can provide specific recommendations regarding the plans that best fit the business owner needs and circumstances.
When it comes to closely held businesses, TRICORD Advisors, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to walk the business owner through the Buy/Sell agreement process, to include options for funding as well as the business contacts to handle any specific needs that may arise.
Real Estate
As an added service to our clients, TRICORD Advisors, Inc. may work with some clients in the participation of the real estate markets. This may include purchase of residential home, rental or investment property, sale of inherited property, or the purchase, renovation, and sale of property.